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About the solution

Our mission at is to give you the tools to easily apply state-of-the-art machine learning to all your automation needs when it comes to processing incoming communication. You can start using the solution without any integration or configuration if you are using a pre-defined format (such as invoices, IDs, salary slips, etc.).

Here are a few typical use cases where our solution has been deployed successfully:

  • Seamless onboarding for your customers. Don't ask them to fill in lengthy forms; ask them to share a document that already contains the required information.

  • Automated routing of incoming communication. Let state-of-the-art machine learning decide on the priority and destination and extract keys to attach the communication to the right file.

  • Assisted data entry. Don't waste valuable time on keying in data from incoming communication, we have the technology to do that for you.

But this is not an exhaustive list so don't let this limit you in any way. Remember, use cases are only limited by your imagination. We would love to hear what you will build with our document activation solution!


How to read this guide

Here you will find all relevant information to get started with the product and features. How to get started as quickly as possible and how to get the most out of the solution for optimal everyday use – it all starts here.

This guide is divided into different pages:

  1. The comprehensive guide: The first page consists of a comprehensive guide of the solution. This page is the most integral explanation of the solution from A to Z. For the ease of use, this page is divided into sections as identical as possible to the menu bar of the solution. 

  2. Role-based guides: In case you want to learn how to use this solution as a specific user or for a specific purpose, role-based guides are also at your disposal. As the Contract.Fit solution was programmed to be employed by different types of users, these role-based guides are tailored to different roles so as to be more time-efficient by only showing relevant information. While there are different kinds of roles depending on the company, we came up with the most frequent and probable roles, i.e. operators, administrators, and developers. More on this can be found on the page itself.

Throughout these pages, you can navigate to the different sections on the right-hand side or search for a specific term in the search bar below. 

Finally, please note that the images and videos of this guide are based on the default settings of the solution. If your screen is not identical i.e. some items of the menu bar are not displayed, it probably means that administrators of your company changed the controls.


Happy automating!


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